Gain competitive advantage by moving SAP applications to the cloud

By: Mark Slaga

In every industry, IT leaders are searching for new ways to gain a competitive edge, whether that means getting products and services to market faster, delivering a superior customer experience or improving operational efficiency.

At Think 2018, my core session will discuss strategies for achieving these game-changing benefits through managing your SAP applications in the cloud. You’ll learn about how the co-innovation between IBM and SAP is helping clients gain more value from data and hear how one CFO developed the business case for moving to cloud managed services and the resulting benefits. Here’s a preview of the session.

Why move SAP applications to managed cloud?

Offloading these workloads to skilled specialists can help run your environment more efficiently, while freeing up in-house teams to focus on creating new products and services. Among IT leaders already using cloud managed services:

  • 76% report that it’s now essential to their IT strategy.
  • 68% report improvements to their customer service
  • 66% report increased performance in their SAP workloads

But choosing to move SAP — including S/4HANA — to a managed cloud environment is only the first step.

A partnership of innovation

IBM was SAP’s first premium cloud partner. With over 30 years of providing SAP services and 60 data centers across the globe, IBM Cloud can deploy your data where it makes the most sense for your business while helping maintain compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

But the benefits extend far beyond the deployment and availability of your critical data. IBM’s co-innovation efforts with SAP are using game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence to create solutions that help clients transform SAP data into new insight into their business and customers.

Learn more about accelerating business transformation with cloud managed services. SAP Applications

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