BRF’s Cognitive Virtual Agent Scores 100 Percent User Satisfaction

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It hasn’t taken long for BRF’s virtual agent, EVA, to change the end-user support experience at the Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil-based food company. EVA, short for Exceptional Value Assistant, is a cognitive virtual agent developed with IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson to support BRF’s 28,000 employee users.

Introduced in July 2017, EVA can manage 70 different types of requests, from telephony problems and password requests to hardware failure and email configuration. EVA independently solves or redirects more than 50 percent of the requests, including SAP and active directory password resets.

The virtual agent already has helped reduce the average support waiting time from 30 seconds to 3. Average talking times have dropped from 15 minutes to 5. To hear more about EVA, we caught up with Leo Marcos Rahn, IT manager for BRF, ahead of his presentation at the IBM Think conference, “Meet EVA, BRF Brasil Foods’ Cognitive Help Desk Agent” (Session ID 7867A).

What’s the Latest Buzz About?

(Rahn) Our latest satisfaction survey on EVA achieved an impressive result: 100 percent of users who responded are satisfied with EVA. Response rate to the survey was roughly 85 percent. Some spontaneous feedback from the survey seems to represent popular opinion — “What a cool chat; we are evolving.”

Why Now?

We need agility in the attendant service, and we need to give users more self-service options. With the cognitive chat and virtual agent, we increased the portfolio of services and also maintained the same service-level agreement.

It’s Kind of Like…

Having our own Jarvis — the assistant from Iron Man. Cool, right?

We’re Keeping an Eye On…

User satisfaction. We have to maintain our service-level agreements and the capacity to provide services with low costs.

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