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By: Shivakumar Vaidyanathan


For years, there’s been a range of homegrown tools and systems designed to provide an overview of IT assets and facilities for infrastructure management. However, these haven’t been able to provide an integrated view of both on a single-pane window. This lack of analytics-based insights into the IT and data center facilities landscape makes it very difficult to predict future data center capacity requirements.

Business executives are challenging their IT staffs to convert data centers from cost centers into producers of business value. With tightened budgets and a lack of skilled resources, the clear choice is a managed service on pay-per-use model that can reduce the upfront cost, provide higher operational efficiency and accelerate information delivery.

Get a 360 view of your data center

The new IBM Cloud Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool is a cloud-hosted solution that provides visibility into data center white space — into power, cooling and applications and performance — through a customized dashboard. This enables users to optimize their physical and virtual space and see savings across opex and capex. The tool can help reduce computing costs by identifying stranded power and repurposing it to support new core business applications or IT service management and facility devices.

Harness the full power of your core business applications

As a software suite, IBM Cloud DCIM bridges the gap between IT and facilities groups and enables seamless integration of the data center into the enterprise’s other business management solutions for asset life cycle management, capacity planning and other important systems. Integrated products — such as Cloud Resiliency Orchestration, Analytics for Logical Dependency Mapping and Data Center Cognitive Maintenance Advisor — allow users to realize additional value in improving and accelerating data center disaster recovery operations.

Data centers can have a significant impact on the bottom line by enabling the business to respond more quickly to market demands — but only higher visibility, more control and improved automation can help deliver on the commitment of producing business value. The holistic management capabilities of the IBM Cloud DCIM tool can help data center professionals maximize capacity, control energy costs and advise the business on how to make more effective use of IT assets. By sharing key data points, historical data and asset tracking information and developing the ability to charge back users, the new planning and implementation tools allow users to take actions based on data center business intelligence. In short, effective use of IBM Cloud DCIM can map to a more reliable and efficient data center and increase the data center’s overall business value.

To learn more about IBM Cloud DCIM or for any questions regarding data center infrastructure management, schedule a one-on-one consultation with an IBM business resiliency expert.

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