Are You Ready for Next-Generation Tech Support?

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Nearly every day, a new requirement for technical support comes into the IT department. Digital transformation. New devices. Internet of Things. Automation. Open source software. Productivity apps — the list is endless. At the same time, legacy systems need to be maintained to keep the business always-on.

The field of technology support is rapidly changing, and we are using disruptive technologies like augmented reality, predictive maintenance, Watson for Support and blockchain, which are driving fundamental changes in how support services are delivered. Tech support has never been more important. A next-generation approach to tech support enables your organization to streamline operations, reduce complexity and decrease costs.

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As your digital presence continues to grow, so does your reliance on technology providers. Large firms often maintain relationships with hundreds of vendors across thousands of support contracts. Streamlining the number of vendors means your under-pressure support team will have fewer vendors and contracts to manage. IBM Technology Support Services offers a wall-to-wall, technology-led support approach, with advanced technology to improve the client experience through automation. This integrated approach can produce big cost savings. IBM customers report 57 percent CAPEX savings from improved IT asset management and 20 percent reductions in operating costs through outage mitigation and accelerated problem resolution.

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