A surprising connection between digital workplace services and yoga

By: Ally Klopsch

It turns out it’s not too much of a stretch to compare digital workplace services to yoga. At least that’s what IBM executives Monique Ouellette and Piero Chiodo think. We caught up with Monique and Piero ahead of their presentation at the IBM Think conference entitled “Real Stories of Workplace Transformation — and What they Mean for Your Company ” (Session ID 8883A).

What’s the buzz in digital workplace services?

Monique: It’s all about technology as an enabler, giving people the ability to access their company data and applications when and how they want to. And giving them tools to stay connected, collaborate and be extremely productive regardless of where in the world they’re located.

Piero: Advances in artificial intelligence — what we call cognitive technology — also make it easier and more intuitive for employees to use enterprise technology, any time, any place and on any device. There’s a lot of talk about creating consumerlike experiences at work. A big part of this is offering the flexibility to choose among a variety of support options for more routine challenges, such as self-help for password resets or chatting with a virtual agent for how-to support.

Why now?

Piero: People have come to expect the same quality of user experiences at work as they have with consumer technology. People know what’s possible, so having to settle for experiences that don’t meet that bar is not as appealing.

Monique: That’s right. We live in an on-demand world. And that need for anytime access to company data and services dissolves what were traditionally the four walls of the enterprise.

What has your attention?

Monique: I see incredible return on investment for our clients — enabling significant gains in employee productivity by leveraging the innovation in workplace services around automation, analytics and cognitive.

Piero: Our clients also are starting to see significant reductions in service-desk call volumes, associated with multiple channels now available to provide user support. That’s a big win for support team productivity. It tells a story about user satisfaction, as well.

Keep an eye on…

Piero: Change management. Digital workplace services promise to empower employees. But adoption is not a guarantee. Back to the whole idea of consumerlike behaviors — we know that if companies don’t get it right the first time, they make adoption curves that much longer.

Monique: I absolutely agree. I also think about a concept from yoga: moksha. The ultimate goal of yoga is moksha, which means liberation. I like to think that’s what Piero and I do for our clients. We transform the workplace to liberate the workforce — modernizing it to work however, whenever and wherever they are.

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