Real business innovation happens at industry seams

By: Kevin Jackson

Today’s real business innovation is happening at the seams of industries. In this “Pioneers of Possible” podcast between Dez Blanfield and Sanjay Rishi, GM of Global Cloud Consulting Services at IBM Global Business Services, Rishi describes his primary role as delivering cloud-enabled innovation and transformation. In this discussion, Rishi and Blanchfield talk about how organizations embark on cloud journeys through different entry points by:

• Developing support and engagement systems for customers, employees and suppliers.

• Migrating legacy applications into a cloud computing environment.

• Leveraging exploding technologies like IoT and blockchain to innovate and transform business.

• Delivering business return on investment with both speed and innovation.

Organizational communication

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By helping his clients prepare for on cloud adoption, Rishi has learned that enterprise leaders often neglect organizational communications when transformation begins. In his experience, communications and change management are both essential and serve as the difference between success and failure. People’s hearts and minds must change if innovation is to deliver business results.

The CIO role is shifting from IT to business. This position is less about the back office and more about influencing change within organizations and becoming a catalyst for transformation and innovation. People are hungry for inclusion and want to be informed even if they do not participate in an organization’s transformation. The essence of digital transformation lies in relationship innovation. By innovating the organization’s relationship with customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees, people can be influenced and effectively led through the investment journey needed to harvest cloud-enabled innovation opportunities.

Two-speed transformation

Organizations must come to grips with the reality of two-speed transformation. The first gear of change is incremental and evolutionary, while the second revolutionary and built around disruption. First gear delivers needed enhancements and improvements to the existing business, while the second wards off the threat of disruption from smaller players and startups. Business success is not about slowing down the rate of change — it’s about balancing these two rates of change. The dependencies between the two are significant, and embracing both is essential for success

Breaking out his crystal ball, Rishi ended the exchange by telling everyone that the next big thing is an organization’s ability to sense and understand individual behavior in a way that enables the presentation of consumption choices. This vision seems to represent a doubling down on his earlier statements on relationship innovation. According to Rishi, this capability expands organizations and accelerates life changes for our benefit. Change makes life much more efficient and allows us to harvest new opportunities.


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