How a farmer’s son thinks about cyber resiliency

By: Kevin Jackson

Parents everywhere wonder if they’re doing enough for their children. While earning enough money for a home, food and clothing can be daunting, the responsibility parents have to guide and support their kids can feel even more overwhelming than these. This truism is made real in “Pioneers of Possible” Episode 7, where we meet Chandra Pulamarasetti, a farmer’s son and the vice president of Resiliency Services at IBM Global Business Services.

From farmer’s son to IT innovator

In an up-close-and personal exchange with Dez Blanchfield, Pulamarasetti shares a story about his farming family in southern India. He explores how his father’s visionary actions and hard work resulted in a new high school for his village and education opportunities for Pulamarasetti and his siblings.

Driven and incentivized by that parental example, Pulamarasetti studied computer science in college and gained an interest in computer programming. After 10 innovative years in industry, he founded information technology resiliency pioneer Sanovi Technologies. Sanovi offered data storage and backup service back in early 2000, delivering large-scale solutions and tools that managed over 2,500 TB of data across 600 customers. This challenge also uncovered a critical need for disaster recovery orchestration software that Pulamarasetti helped to develop. After the Sanovi acquisition by IBM in 2016, that software now serves as the foundation for IBM Enterprise Resiliency Orchestration solution.

Resiliency must meet modern challenges

Traditionally, IT resiliency solutions were designed to address occasional outages caused by hardware, software or natural disasters. Cyberthreats, which typically took months to detect and caused financial impacts in millions of dollars, were outside this original scope. New cyberattacks like the WannaCry virus are now changing that view because they can propagate and disrupt IT systems worldwide in hours and cause billions of dollars in economic loss.

This new reality demands a more robust enterprise resiliency approach. Cyber resiliency encompasses security, disaster recovery and enterprise business process risk. This realization led to the development of a comprehensive cyber resiliency life cycle that spans all three of these elements. By identifying gaps across the enhanced resiliency spectrum, this modern approach to IT resiliency provides a more integrated and effective solution for protecting organizations against cyberattacks.

Invest in orchestration

IBM Resiliency Orchestration can address this need by automating the workflow of disaster recovery environments for a more predictable, simplified and always-on operation. It enables complete disaster recovery life cycle management for complex, hybrid infrastructure including traditional IT and private and public clouds. This capability is even more important as enterprise cyberthreats become more aggressive.

Cyber resiliency includes:

  • Rapid consultancy that assesses cyber resilience readiness, process and posture.
  • Developing a road map that orchestrates and automates recovery workflow.
  • Deployment of infrastructure preventive technologies that avoid many common outages entirely.
  • Use of rapid recovery technologies that minimizes outages.
  • Safe Harbor, an air-gapped replication copy of your data located in a third-party location.

According to Pulamarasetti, the cloud is changing the shape of resiliency because it defines a singular worldwide unified system. It absorbs many resiliency competencies and becomes embedded into the cloud workload migration task.


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