A cloud services road map for Think 2018

By: Angela Welchert

This year’s IBM Think conference has so many cutting-edge presentations given by the world’s top technology minds, it’s enough to make any IT professional wish they could be in two — or maybe six or seven — places at once. When you’re trying to decide how to map out your Think 2018 experience, one great way to narrow down your focus is to select presentations that relate to your area of expertise or specialization.

So, what does Think have in store for IT pros who spend their days thinking about cloud services? Here’s a roadmap to help you curate your experience around all things cloud.

Theater sessions

Paradigm shift to hybrid cloud: The new enterprise IT model

Session ID: 5717

While cloud is a driver for innovation, it is causing unprecedented disruption to the IT operating model—affecting how IT resources are consumed, delivered, and governed. Forrester Analyst Dave Bartoletti and IBM General Manager Mohammed Farooq discuss changes in the market, and how they are affecting people, process, and technology. They will share the new Gen 2 model that is needed to support multi sourcing and DevOps with federated management.

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The pivot to gen 2 hybrid cloud management

Session ID: 7369

With cloud usage accelerating, the current IT operating model is struggling to support the growth. A new approach is needed—one that is agile, can coexist with current investments, and is cost-effective while being secure and scalable. This Gen 2 model is DevOps first plus IT Service Management. To get here, you need a comprehensive strategy and path. Mohammed Farooq, IBM General Manager, Cloud Brokerage Services, shares how IBM is helping customers adopt this new model no matter where they are in their cloud maturity, and what you can do to get started.

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Think tank sessions

Achieving a single view into your hybrid cloud spend and usage

Session ID: 8587

Learn how IT can take a discover-first approach that helps bring all enterprise resources into a single view with the ability to drill down into cost and usage to make better business decisions.

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Creating an IT-driven, self-service cloud consumption model for DevOps environments

Session ID: 8589

DevOps adoption using a hybrid cloud environment has accelerated development, but it’s also created a consumption and management issue for IT groups. Learn how IT can support DevOps through a single, self-service, multicloud consumption model while still being able to manage the entire life cycle.

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Transforming IT into “IT-as-a-business”

Session ID: 8590

The enterprise IT model is changing with hybrid and multicloud, and back-office operations are being automated through AI. Learn about the solution that can support your IT transformation.

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ITaaS in the cognitive era — making IT relevant again!

Session ID: 1589

To increase IT’s relevance in the age of shadow IT and external services, CIOs are adopting an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) business model by injecting AI technologies and embracing disruption. This session will present customer testimonials and experiences across multiple industries.

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Accelerate business agility, performance and innovation for the hybrid cloud era

Session ID: 9190

Businesses are adopting hybrid infrastructure models faster than ever to be more competitive and to differentiate in the market. To leverage the full potential of disruptive technologies without worrying about the management complexities, businesses need a partner that can help them manage such a hybrid environment using standardized tools and processes. Learn how IBM’s professional managed services for hybrid environments can help improve business agility and complexity.

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Breakout sessions

Accelerate innovation and deliver unmatched service quality through simplified hybrid infrastructure management

Session ID: 9327

Managing hybrid infrastructure on your own while keeping up with today’s IT demands can be complex, costly and time-consuming. Learn how IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services can simplify hybrid infrastructure management with modular services as you only pay for what you need, while helping you accelerate innovation and unmatched service quality.

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IBM Services Platform with Watson: Architecture and implementation scenarios

Session ID: 3451

In this session, IBM Fellows explain how using a technology-led, practitioner-assisted approach with Watson is helping revolutionize the management of services in the IT industry.

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Transforming your business to an ITaaS model: Journey road map

Session ID: 7017

Find out about how IBM partnered with one of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers to build a cloud strategy and transformation road map that served as the on-ramp for IBM Cloud Brokerage Services, enabling alignment of resources with the new enterprise IT model while reducing risk and overall costs of IT operations.

Learn more about this session here.

How to deploy an enterprise strong cloud

Session ID: 1011

This session covers how IBM is deploying cloud models for clients to handle mission-critical environments, namely their mainframe.

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Mission-critical cloud for IBM i: A client success story

Session ID: 1014

Iptor Supply Chain Systems, a leader in supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services, delivers solutions that help distribution-focused organizations manage and solve their most complex order management and fulfillment challenges within multi-channel, fragmented global supply chains. Learn how Iptor Supply Chain Systems moved their mission-critical application to the IBM Cloud.

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Cloud migration: Accelerating your journey to the cloud

Session ID: 1015

In this session, hear how IBM Cloud is uniquely positioned to offer a multi-chip architecture hybrid cloud, including how IBM handles mission-critical computing platforms like the mainframe and UNIX in a hybrid model and connects and orchestrates them to other cloud platforms.

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Hybrid cloud brokerage and orchestration service

Session ID: 6731

In this talk, we present an integrated Hybrid Cloud Brokerage and Orchestration service, featuring core cognitive capability that facilitates deployment and management of client hybrid applications leveraging best-of-breed cloud providers and on-premises environments.

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Bringing the power of Watson cognitive and cloud capabilities to enterprise performance management

Session ID: 3057

To drive transformation, a business must understand how it is performing at any point in time and adjust as needed. IBM is bringing together a cloud-based architecture utilizing IBM Services Platform with Watson and Watson Cognitive Insights to enable better business decisions with speed for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

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Technology session

A guided lab on hybrid cloud governance with IBM Cloud Brokerage cost and asset management

Session ID: 2107

This guided lab takes you through the key use cases for IBM Cloud Brokerage – Cost and Asset Management, which provides a data-driven view for IT resource and spend visibility — as well as tracking, allocating and identifying unused resources across a mix of IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure clouds.

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