A Business Resiliency Road Map for Think 2018

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The IBM Think conference is going to be a truly immersive experience — four colossal days of education, exploration and world-class entertainment. You’re invited to explore cutting-edge developments in cloud, business resiliency and augmented intelligence. Between opportunities to learn from industry luminaries, acquire hands-on skills and network with other forward thinkers (no pun intended), there’s a lot going on. The only drawback? There is a lot going on.

Like any conference, it can be overwhelming to tailor your experience to your particular interests and business needs. I’m not here to tell you what to think, but I can help you with where to think.

If you’re interested in business resiliency — disruption, disaster recovery, data breaches, risk assessment and cyber resiliency — then these are the sessions you won’t want to miss.

Welcome Reception Session

The Journey to Security and Cyber Resiliency

Session ID: 8483: Explore how AI, automation and orchestration can help you be ready for outages, cyberattacks and operational disruptions.


Ready For Anything: Build a Cyber Resilient Organization

Session ID: 8040: Fight disruption and outages due to cyberattacks, human error and natural disasters by mastering security and resiliency fundamentals and using artificial intelligence to change the game.

Large Theater Sessions

Understanding the Cost of a Data Breach for Your Company

Session ID: 8368: Combine information security, business continuity and organizational resilience to combat the risk and impact of a data breach.

Why Break Out in a Cold Sweat? Reduce Breach Impacts with Rapid Detection and Recovery Capability

Session ID: 8373: Respond to the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks by shifting the way you approach the design and implementation of your cyber resiliency strategy.

The New Normal: Using Software-Defined Resiliency to Support Always-On Demands

Session ID: 8389: Explore the industry shift from a traditional/manual recovery approach to an automated and software-defined resiliency paradigm to support the always-on demands of business.

Think Tank Sessions

Zero Tolerance: How Orchestrated Disaster Recovery Can Help Eliminate Downtime

Session ID: 8391: Implement a combination of software-defined framework, disaster recovery policies and intelligent disaster recovery life cycle automation and orchestration can help your business meet always-on expectations.

Speeding Up Detection and Recovery Processes for Cyberattacks

Session ID: 8390: Learn more about incident detection and recovery, including a demonstration of IBM’s cyber incident recovery for data center systems and networks.

A Demonstration of the Rapid Risk Assessment Tool

Session ID: 8392: Gauge your preparedness against cyberattacks, and learn more about how the Rapid Risk Assessment Tool can provide an in-depth review of your existing processes, people and technology.

Protecting the New Currency: Partnering to Keep Data Safe and Available

Session ID: 8393: Data has become the “new currency” of business — learn how a managed data backup and protection service can protect your company and make your data available when you need it.

Road Map to Rapid Recovery: A Cyber Resiliency Demonstration

Session ID: 8651: Learn about the road map to rapid recovery to meet resiliency requirements, including cyberattacks.

The Paradigm Shift from Cyber Protection to Cyber Resilience

Session ID: 8652: Implement a cyber resiliency program that not only encompasses the ideas of defense and prevention but also goes beyond those measures to emphasize response and resiliency in moments of crisis.

Reduce the Cost of Data Breaches by Minimizing the Mean Time for Recovery

Session ID: 8653: Join IBM and Ponemon to learn more about how to reduce your cost of a data breach by minimizing your response time.

Breakout Sessions

Disaster Recovery Challenges for a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Session ID: 8631: Explore disaster recovery challenges in hybrid cloud environments and, more importantly, how to overcome them.

Practical Advice for Securing Your Open Source Software

Session ID: 7163: Learn how to create a comprehensive support strategy that makes sense for your enterprise.

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