Retail technology maintenance keeps digital operations running

By: Kendra Gullette


Retailers won’t have much of a shelf life if their technology fails — the mobile devices they rely on to track merchandise and process payments need to function without significant downtime. Because merchants depend on these digital tools to optimize and streamline sales, retail technology maintenance is an essential aspect of serving customers and staying ahead of the competition.



The right technology support service gives retailers the confidence they need to shed outdated brick-and-mortar procedures and embrace innovative digital services that meet customer demands. Without this framework, technical difficulties will push savvy customers elsewhere.

Prevent technological breakdown

Today’s market demands offer retailers little room for error. Businesses face cutthroat price competition alongside enormous pressure to sell a high volume of low-margin goods. Plus, the continued growth of online shopping steals foot traffic from their stores. U.S. online sales hit $115 billion in the third quarter of 2017, about a 15 percent increase from the same period in 2016, according to the U.S. Census.1

Because retailers need high product turnaround to see a profit, they increasingly depend on technology to help them stay agile and competitive. Mobility equipment enhances and streamlines data on inventory, point-of-sale transactions, warehouse and delivery statuses and customer coupons and loyalty offerings. Merchants usually turn to Zebra for these tools, which include scanners, mobile computers, and printers.

These devices are the bloodline of every store; you’ll find them in just about every employee’s hand. The downside is that the equipment is heavily used. If the equipment fails at the wrong time and stays down for long stretches, retailers will almost certainly experience a disruption to store operations.

Significant downtime in sales, inventory, customer service, delivery and any other crucial component of operations will impact the bottom line, sour customer satisfaction and damage the retailer’s reputation.

Keep retail operations running

Retailers simply can’t afford equipment problems. That’s why retail technology maintenance is as important as the technology itself. A managed maintenance solution (MMS) for Zebra devices keeps them operating in peak condition while minimizing downtime and the financial ramifications of being offline. The MMS acts as a single point of contact for all of a retailer’s Zebra products, streamlining vendor management and letting merchants focus on business.

IBM’s MMS for Zebra provides direct around-the-clock remote technical support. IBM support engineers walk the merchant through the technological problem and determine if it’s a simple glitch that can be quickly fixed onsite or a larger problem that calls for further remediation.

Retailers need to keep the technological bloodline of their stores open at all times. Too much is at stake to risk letting Zebra device failures hinder operations. IBM Retail Technology Support Solutions gives retailers direct access to technical support engineers who can quickly resolve any problems.

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