How to fuel IT transformation with Watson

By: Kevin Jackson


Last month, IBM launched the “Pioneers of Possible” podcast series. Hosted by Dez Blanchfield, the podcast highlights IBM subject matter experts engaged with delivering the future today. During the last few weeks, the show has focused on how companies are going through IT transformation using the Watson Cognitive Technology Service Platform.

Build relationships

Mickey IqbalAccording to Mickey Iqbal, IBM Fellow and Master Inventor, today’s businesses need to keep up with the accelerating rate of change. Leaders need to sprint just to stay in the game and run multiple races at once. In this competitive environment, success lies in an organization’s ability to create new ideas and solve problems.

Deliver rapid outcomes

Nick FullerAccording to Nick Fuller, Senior Manager of Cognitive Service Foundations at IBM Research, technology immersion can help. His incredible portfolio of 63 patents certainly adds weight to that suggestion. Problem-solving is a multistep process that requires:

  • Stepping back to look at critical conditions and parameters.
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis at all cost.
  • Not being afraid to put a stake in the ground in defining a new paradigm or solution.
  • Remaining open to repeatedly trying new ideas.

Pursuing the future of technology

Bridget Karlin

If the business is looking to innovate during transformation, Bridget Karlin, CTO and VP of IBM Global Technology Services (GTS), suggests that the typical path is through the business applications of advanced technology in the delivery of new business values and opportunities. This observation explains why IBM GTS is so focused on technology vision and thought leadership. To pursue this goal, IBM is developing an end-to-end framework to infuse artificial intelligence into all of its new technology capabilities.

Harness the full power of your core business applications

As a transformative company, IBM has moved from a systems integrator model to a service integration model led by technology. IBM’s focus on using digital transformation to improve the way it delivers services inspired to the Watson service delivery platform. This offering infuses insights derived from Watson’s artificial intelligence into the IBM service delivery process. In doing so, IBM can leverage open source and best of breed technologies to deliver rapid outcomes. This approach also focuses on building and maintaining a service delivery ecosystem.

IBM delivers this service through an IT Transformation Advisory Team that works closely with C-suite executives to equip clients to take on their next generations of systems. The advisor team focuses on the entire solution life cycle to optimize and achieve the desired business goal. By using the IBM Services Platform with Watson, IBM customers can leverage valuable technology automation building blocks for things like incident remediation, IT compliance and patching. In this way, IBM clients can deploy robust IT infrastructure automation portfolios in a timely manner.

Senior technology leaders who want to learn more can schedule a 30-minute one-on-one call with an IBM Expert.

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