Danske Banks’ ingredient for better customer service? AI and automation

By: Stefan Pappe

There’s a shift underway as IT operations become laser-focused on providing better customer service delivery. Automation and AI are at the heart of this change and give your IT teams the tools to autonomously manage complex IT environments. Case in point, Danske Bank has applied IBM Services Platform with Watson to reduce server incidents by 50 percent. The effort is led by Bo Svejstrup, Head of IT Operations, Danske Bank. Providing top-notch digital IT solutions to customers and digital banking adoption are critical to the bank’s business. In fact, their money transfer app is used by approximately 60 percent of Denmark’s population.

How is Danske Bank providing a higher level of customer service? View my webinar with Bo Svejstrup, Danske Bank, to get details about how they’re innovating on the platform. As part of its strategic plan to transform IT infrastructure and operations, the bank uses automation and AI to improve customer experience and increase business value. The bank reduces server incidents through the platform’s dynamic automation and cognitive analytics. With automation, IT acts before incidents occur, which decreases the impact on customers and critical business applications. The bank also uses Watson technology to make inroads in other areas such as cognitive service assistants.

Harness the full power of your core business applications

Automation and data mindset

The IBM platform enhances human intelligence and does more than take on repeatable tasks and detect and resolve incidents. It’s built on the cloud and gives teams complete views of operational data so they can make data-driven decisions at critical junctures to reach better outcomes. This is a shift from traditional IT, as IT is becoming more data- and customer-centric and ultimately healthier and more responsive to customer needs.

AI built on the cloud

The platform is an integrated architecture built on the cloud so IT and its operation can be consumed as a service. It’s designed to help teams manage and improve operations. For example, AI can detect an incident and determine if automation or a human engineer should resolve it. AI learns from the incident and can route the next similar incident to automation.

IBM Services Platform with Watson, with its IT as a Service (ITaaS) model, provides teams with cognitive insights, mined from structured and unstructured data, based on 30 years of experience. And IBM Watson understands natural language in emails, tickets and other communications with unstructured data to help identify and resolve potential problems.

AI gives you the opportunity to be an IT customer service leader and generate measurable business value. Talk to an IBM expert to find out what services might be right for you.

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