Mindfulness and cognitive IT work together in a parallel world

By: Gautam Bhat

Nothing can be gained without paying attention. For example, IT automation keeps business applications running and quickly alerts teams to infrastructure issues and other events that need to be resolved. Consider your own work: how conscious are you of all your activities and decisions throughout the day? Mindfulness, the psychological process of focusing on the present moment, also applies to cognitive IT.

Harness the full power of your core business applications

Research indicates that mindfulness improves neuron connections in the brain and opens us up to innovation and discovery. From Newton to Archimedes, great minds have displayed how our capacity for exploring and cultivating ideas makes us uniquely human. And mindfulness is going mainstream — many C-suite leaders practice mindfulness and meditation techniques to stay focused and propel change in their organizations.

Fueling the cognitive platform

IT monitoring has evolved from preventive to predictive monitoring. IBM Services Platform with Watson is designed to augment human intelligence through continuous learning, historical data and proactive remediation. Through a cognitive platform and IT automation, Watson offers a better way to manage IT and gives teams opportunities to practice mindfulness and agility.

Transformation through mindfulness

A Harvard Business Review1 study found that only 10 percent of managers are energetic and focused. In contrast, 40 percent of managers are energetic but distracted.

How much time do you spend focused on critical tasks? An average human mind performs much of the day’s work on autopilot. IT automation completes repetitive tasks using artificial intelligence to enhance service delivery and problem solving. This integrated platform helps to extend mindfulness by freeing up more of our time for discovery and data-informed decisions.

A cognitive platform can support many use cases along with an intricate mesh of APIs, KPIs, data and analytics. From running the service desk to maintaining security and compliance while driving continuous development improvement, cognitive computing helps us manage complex IT.

Mindfulness goes hand in hand with cognitive IT. Adopting agile methodology is just one example of how mindfulness can fuel business.

How are you practicing mindfulness in your role? Share your experience with @bhatgau, or talk to an IBM expert about your IT infrastructure needs.

[1] https://hbr.org/2002/02/beware-the-busy-manager


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