Empower workers and boost productivity with a digital workplace

By: Carol Zichi


Empowering workers is about more than just enabling them to bring their own device. Helping employees maximize their potential also involves allowing them to bring their own applications and platforms. After all, a digital workplace calls for agility. That means supporting the devices, applications and operating systems that enable employees to perform at their best.

When employees use the digital tools that suit their preferences and work styles, their productivity increases. When they’re free from the constraints of traditional company-issued laptops and required programs, they can work with the same ease and confidence they enjoy on their consumer-style personal devices and applications during off-hours.

Enhancing security

Creating a digital workplace that accommodates the bring-your-own-everything (BYOx) movement isn’t as simple as giving a green light. Enterprises need to secure business assets and ensure protocols are followed.

Because employees can easily access company data through the cloud, organizations embracing BYOx must clearly discern which devices are accessing sensitive information. Enterprises also need to keep track of the many customized applications tailored for specialized tasks in different departments. If left unchecked, these can disrupt administration and security.

Without support, a digital workplace can become a hectic highway of smartphones, tablets, laptops, operating systems and applications. While staying off the highway to avoid potential collisions will strengthen security and make administration seem easy, not giving employees their choice of digital tools will stop your enterprise from becoming truly agile. You’ll be stuck in the slow lane unable to promptly respond to business challenges and opportunities.

Addressing Windows 10 migration

Your organization might already be facing a big decision on how to handle the latest upgrade for the next Windows operating system. When mainstream support for Windows 8 ends in 2023, many organizations will have to migrate to Windows 10. This operating system offers capabilities that will make work easier for employees, but migration also presents a host of challenges for infrastructure, security, devices, applications and support.

Some CIOs might instinctively confine Windows 10 to a traditional black box in an attempt to tighten security and simplify administration. However, IBM views this transition as an opportunity to give employees the flexibility they want and need. Instead of wiping Windows 10 to fit a conventional support style, consider managing the migration with a light touch. Many of your employees will appreciate how Windows 10 performs with the ease of a consumer-style mobile device. Unleashing the system’s full potential will simplify their everyday interactions and boost productivity.

IBM Migration Services for Windows 10 can guide your enterprise through this transition when it’s time to upgrade. By defining and implementing OS settings and configurations that match your organization’s plans, IBM will make the entire migration process seamless and secure.

Modernizing your workplace

Enterprises will face many other significant transitions as they mold operations around the digital preferences of their mobile workforces. CIOs shouldn’t view this transition as merely the introduction of new devices. Becoming a digital workplace is a big undertaking that requires an adjustment in management strategies.

IBM helps enterprises to implement their mobility initiatives with Digital Workplace Services, a complete suite of collaboration and workplace modernization services that creates multidevice, collaborative environments. Lack of support is always a critical constraint during a technology rollout. With IBM Workplace Modernization Services, businesses can reduce the risk and complexity of enterprise-wide mobility.

We work closely with companies to understand their needs so we can devise suitable policies, create a manageable rollout schedule and seamlessly test devices and applications so that operations can continue without interruption.

We also don’t walk away after implementation. IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson simplifies IT management. Watson can provide a personalized experience by learning how each device, application and location works. You can even ask Watson when an application or operating system needs renewal. Watson will not only tell you when you need an update but will also ask if you’d like to update the next day.

Work today is all about employees’ individual choices and your ability to integrate their mobile devices, applications and operating systems. Enhance your network mobility to create a workplace that empowers employees to maximize their devices and productivity.


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