Uncovering the Hidden Benefits of Business Continuity Management

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Establishing an effective business continuity plan ensures your business can quickly resume operations after a disaster and dramatically lower the cost of data operations and infrastructure. According to a Ponemon Institute study, a business continuity plan significantly contributes to an organization’s resiliency. Of the those surveyed, 95 percent of businesses reported that it can help to mitigate the impact of data breaches.

Taking a Proactive Stance

Through careful planning, everyone within an organization will know their responsibilities during a disaster to ensure that communications are handled efficiently. As part of the business continuity planning process, organizations should identify potential crises, determine how to reduce the risks of disasters and establish the procedures to follow in the event of a disaster.

Achieving Greater Resiliency

Resiliency plans should be tested regularly to ensure that the program meets business needs. Testing plans on a regular basis also enables businesses to determine how well their technology architecture is working. If there are any gaps in the technology, then organizations can make configuration changes, upgrade the controls and ultimately increase resiliency.

Through effective planning, organizations can better understand service interdependencies and reveal hidden costs and integration challenges in their IT infrastructure — thus helping them to lower the cost of their data operations and infrastructure. By strengthening IT functions, businesses will be able to ensure greater continuity, availability and recovery capabilities should a disaster strike.

Organizations can determine where they are the most vulnerable in a disaster by developing a business continuity plan. This will help them to protect the business and respond faster to any crisis. Business continuity planning also equips companies to gauge how well they are complying with regulations and adhering to industry best practices.

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