DRJ Fall World 2017: Your Guide to Business Continuity Presentations

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Sponsored by Disaster Recovery Journal, DRJ Fall World brings together the world’s top business continuity and disaster recovery professionals. This year, the conference runs from Sept. 17 to Sept. 20 in Phoenix, Arizona. With 2017 Fall World just around the corner, here’s a look at some of this year’s can’t-miss presentations.

Buy-In and Engagement: Re-Imagining Resiliency

Disaster recovery and business continuity are necessary functions for any enterprise, but their typical talking points aren’t always compelling. In this session from Renee Domingo and Julia Kundred at Kaiser Permanente, attendees will learn effective ways to engage their workforce and ensure disaster recovery and business continuity programs resonate at all levels of business operation.

Application Resiliency in a Hybrid World

Hybrid IT is designed to provide the best of both worlds. Ideally, this workload-centric concept helps organizations become more adaptable, agile and resilient. But what about your applications? In this talk, IBM’s Mike Errity will focus on the how modern resiliency programs are built on agile principles, unique objectives, transparent management and consistent compliance.

Terrorism: You May be Covered — or Maybe Not!

Cyberterrorism is on the rise. As noted by Threat Post, recent research into supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and industry control systems (ICS) reveals a systematic lack of security. Many ICS/SCADA systems are running old operating systems and are difficult to update without compromising key functions. In addition, both security vendors and operators lack the motivation and expertise to develop new defense protocols — putting major utility services and providers at risk.

Acts of violence against your organization or in your company’s region may also be a threat. Because these incidents could have far-reaching consequences for both day-to-day operations and overall business strategy, they beg the question: Where does terrorism fall in your DR planning? Should it be included? If so, how? What’s the priority? Regina Phelps, CEO of Emergency Management and Safety Solutions, will explore these questions to help business leaders determine the role of terrorism in effective business continuity deployments.

What If I’m the Disaster? Using Humor to Create a Personal Continuity Plan

IT professionals have a tough job — CIO ranks network and computer systems administrator as its fourth most stressful tech job. Between fielding tech support calls, managing cloud services and ensuring that disaster recovery plans are ready to go at a moment’s notice, there’s no such thing as downtime for most IT admins.

If you’re the tech guru with all the responsibility and none of the credit who always has to look out for potential security pitfalls, then Paul Osincup’s session is a must. Learn how to take a slightly lighter view of things, give yourself a break and ease up on the stress level while staying at the top of your game.

Beyond the Presentations

DRJ Fall World is jam-packed with great speakers offering expert insight into the evolving role of business resiliency and continuity. But that’s just the start — the conference also comes with a host of thought-provoking sessions with actionable takeaways to make your IT environment more defensible and profitable. Consider a recent Information Age article that positions the cloud as a business enabler rather than a risk. What if the same could be said about disaster recovery services? They’re prudent, required for compliance and part of good IT hygiene, but what if they could align with long-term business strategy?

From expertise to research, real-world reports to futurist models, DRJ Fall World sessions and speakers are designed to get IT experts and C-suite members fired up about recovery and resiliency, helping them discover new ways to safeguard critical data and leverage cloud services to bolster their bottom line.

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