How to Prepare for IT Infrastructure Failure

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The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction estimates that economic losses from disasters are between 250 billion to 300 billion annually, Forbes reports. These figures illustrate the immense challenge organizations face to reduce the risk caused by a disaster. IT outages alone can cause companies revenue loss, reputational damage and even regulatory penalties. When IT infrastructure fails, businesses must have a plan in place to mitigate disaster.

Avoiding Disruptions

IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration (CRO) provides automation with analytics to help businesses keep day-to-day operations running for faster, more cost-effective disaster recovery.

This solution proactively helps companies avoid disruptions caused by disaster. Combining disaster recovery monitoring with reporting, testing and workflow automation, CRO can be applied to diverse workloads across on-premise, public cloud or private cloud sites.

CRO works at the business process level to protect end-to-end business process that have dependencies across applications, data and infrastructure components. It can also provide alerts based on recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Deploying Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) provides continuous replication of critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems to ensure that a business is always available. By doing so, DRaaS provides companies with geographical independence that can withstand local conditions. The continuous updating of business information also enables quick performance of reliable recovery time objectives.

As an added benefit, because storage is done in the cloud, businesses no longer need in-house recovery servers. Disaster plans can also be modified before they are called to action. This provides companies with the flexibility to evolve with ever-changing situations and effectively plan for IT failure.

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