How tech support for retail can improve business operations

By: Albert McKeon


Retailers must stay connected around the clock if they want to maintain an omnichannel presence, manage an end-to-end supply chain and analyze customer data in real time. However, many retailers don’t have the proper infrastructure to handle always-on operations and the nonstop digital demands of customers. By leveraging tech support services to back a resilient and responsive IT infrastructure, retailers can meet these digital demands and more effectively satisfy today’s customers.

Providing tech support for retail

A study by IT software provider Zynstra found 97 percent of retailers recognize IT as critical to maintaining key aspects of their operations, including omnichannel service, mobile payments and customer data analytics.

However, the study also revealed 37 percent of retailers say a lack of infrastructure prevents them from meeting the demands for in-store technology and improved customer experience. Many retailers also said they lacked network connectivity, rely on infrastructure that is incompatible with new technologies and lean on employees with little IT knowledge.

If retailers want to bridge the gap between legacy systems and new technology — including the capability to sort, clean and analyze troves of customer data — they’re going to need help. A tech support vendor can optimize existing and new technologies and provide a rock to lean on in times of trouble. Here are four areas where tech support can keep your retail staff focused on what it does best: helping customers.

1. Locating the right cloud

Tech support can guide a retailer to the best cloud environment. With mobile all but dictating the shopping experience and point-of-sale technologies enhancing the supply chain, a retailer needs software-as-a-service programs that are easy to use and integrate smoothly into existing systems. Tech support can help choose, implement and manage these vital cloud-based offerings.

2. Ensuring network bandwidth

A retailer also needs a network that won’t bend under the pressure of use. With mobile sales, POS, inventory tracking and other technologies driving business processes, those systems will test a retailer’s network bandwidth. Tech support for retail can gauge present and future demands on a network and ensure customers and employees never encounter stalled processes.

3. Preparing for disasters

Protecting IT infrastructure is just as important as protecting a cash register from theft. It’s hard to predict when natural disasters or man-made disruptions will threaten the integrity of servers, networks, data and the entire IT infrastructure. Tech support can devise a disaster recovery plan that suits your business operations and then consistently test systems for the day when recovery and restoration will need to proceed smoothly.

4. Simplifying operations

If you want your IT to mirror the one-stop shopping experience offered to customers, tech support can provide converged infrastructure to simplify operations and support by consolidating networking equipment, servers, storage and applications. Tech support can also keep your IT on a business-as-usual level and find ways to increase in-store sales with the technology you already have.

No matter which cloud, network, application or disaster recovery plan your retail business chooses, a vendor should strive to handle your tech support the same way you treat your own customers: with smart, affordable options and always-available service.


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