Four IT Outsourcing Trends Your Organization Should Know About

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IT outsourcing has become more popular for companies that want to achieve organizational objectives while still securing their bottom lines. As IT concerns continue evolve in the age of digital transformation and organizations seek stronger partnerships with their providers, several new trends have emerged that change the way outsourcing is performed. Here are four that your organization should know about.

1. Enhanced Security

No longer content to hand operational security off to a third party that may or may not effectively implement security efforts, IT is assuming a much more active role in security. Because their security practices are outside of the referring company’s control, service providers are often seen as a potential complicating factor in an organization’s security efforts. To keep data and applications safe, companies must accurately define and review practices and ensure their IT outsourcing providers are prepared to comply.

2. Cloud Computing

Savvy companies are learning to hedge their bets by distributing their workloads across several cloud providers rather than relying on just one to meet all their needs. This strategy provides companies with a negotiating advantage and ensures that no one cloud provider can hold data hostage if the terms of the contract change in the future.

3. Agile Development

According to CIO, rapid software development is rising as an IT outsourcing trend as companies invest in DevOps and agile development. This effort requires partners that can quickly respond to changes in the landscape while the business, engineering and operations teams closely collaborate to build an agile enterprise.

4. Automation

Enterprises are demanding automation from their outsourcing providers to increase efficiency and address issues before they negatively impact the business.

“Automation is taking hold across middle and back-office functions that have been traditionally outsourced,” CIO notes.

This places pressure on outsourcing partners to deliver automation flows from the beginning. As IT outsourcing focuses more on relevant business metrics, it will be crucial for companies to choose a trusted partner to remain competitive.

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