Create effective business continuity planning with work area recovery

By: Daniel Witteveen


There’s a common misconception that business continuity planning is mostly used to protect against catastrophic events like flooding, fires or storms. However, the true value of business continuity comes into play during disruptions that are less dramatic — like when your network provider suffers downtime, a power outage strikes or your staff gets locked out of the office.

Work area recovery is crucial to effective business continuity planning because it protects against the everyday interruptions almost anyone who’s ever worked in an office has encountered.

Recently, we witnessed an example of this firsthand when one of our clients suffered downtime while they were changing network providers. As a seven-day business, even a single weekend without connectivity could have cost thousands in lost revenue — not to mention creating some very angry customers. Luckily, the organization moved into our business continuity work area without delay to curb the disaster.

This incident underlines the value of a robust work area recovery solution. You may actually need it several times per year, not just on the off chance that your office is at the center of a major catastrophe. And when you do need it, it’s essential to move into the new workspace without delay.

Work area recovery ROI

Many business leaders assume workplace recovery services are inflexible, difficult to administer and expensive. However, any good provider will draw up a plan that covers the number and type of desks you need, your network requirements and anything else your business can’t function without. This strategy ensures that you can start working within minutes of moving into the space.

The cost should also be low and is usually charged per desk per year, so there won’t be additional fees every time you use the service. In the end, the investment pales in comparison to the potential damage your brand will suffer as a result of downtime.

Predictive business continuity planning

To plan disaster recovery strategies in advance and determine the critical resources and execution necessary for impending disasters, enterprises must create predictive continuity planning.

IBM Work Area Recovery Services offer customized, location-based, international weather alerts to empower you to decide what move to make before an event occurs. This proactive solution improves cost management and total cost of ownership. It also enables organizations to make more informed and qualitative decisions, manage critical workforce, optimize performance and improve customer satisfaction.

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