How to Keep Infrastructure Up When Your IT Staff Is Out

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With vacation season in full swing, organizations will likely find their IT staff shorthanded at some point this summer. But of course, those departments will have to carry on as if all hands are on deck. How can IT ensure all remains up and running even when a chunk of the staff is out? Check out these tips and tricks to survive the season.

Prepare Your Infrastructure

Planning ahead of time means fewer things will go wrong when IT is least able to deal with problems due to vacation-induced staff shortages. Three key preparatory steps you can take include:

  1. Build resiliency into your value chain.
  2. Transition to a hybrid cloud, and add redundancies.
  3. Ensure capacity is available for peak times and data surges.

To plan ahead, businesses must ensure continuity, resiliency and recovery plans are in place. These plans should be sufficient for current and surge loads and have been tested to ensure they actually work before they’re truly needed.

Predict Issues Ahead of Time

According to Harvard Business Review, the most valuable aids to a resource-strapped IT include automation, machine learning and analytics. That’s assuming, of course, that at least some of your infrastructure is in the cloud already. The cloud can provide tremendous scale, round-the-clock availability, user access and business resiliency for any type of outage. Meanwhile, network monitoring can ensure the enterprise network is ready for any circumstance.

IT should also use automation and self-service platforms to relieve bottlenecks and reduce the need for staff to manually manage those workloads. Machine learning must then be deployed at every level so machine assistants can evolve to anticipate the needs of the business and automatically resolve or alert IT to handle issues.

Leverage IT Staff Talents

Another way to ensure your infrastructure stays up and running while staff is out is to leverage the talent you have at hand. Automate everything you can, but also look for ways to utilize employee capabilities. That way, valuable human talent isn’t expended on mundane to-dos or wasted looking up information on complex but common tasks. Configuring your mix of human know-how and high-tech automation will help the business run smoother during this season.

And don’t forget you can also schedule additional IT resources to help during peak periods of business as well as while staff members are on vacation. Adding a third-party partner for IT operations management can help you leverage the IT talent you already have and increase operational efficiency.

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