The Three Priorities of an Engaged CIO

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We spoke to Rashik Parmar, IBM’s technical executive for Europe, and Nigel Reichelt, CIO services manager for the U.K. and Ireland, about what they believe are the most important business strategies they work on as IT leaders within IBM. According to these experts, the three most important aspects in their CIO career are performance, productivity and predictability.

These three Ps demonstrate to business leaders the added value that IT provides across the organization. Focusing on these priorities is helpful, as executives often put excess pressure on the CIO.

Integration is key to a CIO’s ability to implement these factors while enabling the business to identify its current desires and future needs. While demonstrating these skills via technology, the CIO must merge the current enterprise system, including security and mobile. On top of this, he or she must also determine how to stay up to date with the latest technology news and updates.

How will you apply these three Ps to your enterprise? And more importantly, if your system fails, what can you learn about what went wrong so you can you improve?

Reichelt suggests paying attention to “anything that can give you an insight into what’s happening in real time or even in a predictive way, so that you can be ready for that and hopefully have responded to it before it has even become an issue.”

Stop back for part two next week to find out more about how we tackle this challenge through the three Ps here at IBM.

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