Four Ways Network Performance Monitoring Reduces Risk

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It’s no secret that analytics is the game-changer in all things IT these days, and at the top of the list of performance enhancements in analytics is network performance monitoring. This feature aids in everything from troubleshooting to predicting high usages and outages in advance. Consider these four ways you can use monitoring to minimize risks and downtime while improving performance overall.

1. Managing Bandwidth

A flow-based network traffic performance monitoring system delivers granular visibility. This enables you to see where, how and by whom bandwidth is being used. Beyond detecting and analyzing traffic behavior patterns, this tool also provides the control you need to manage usage of hosts, servers, applications, protocols and interfaces.

2. Using Traffic Patterns in Security Protocols

In an age when security threats are steadily on the rise, you must be able to quickly distinguish between friend and foe on your network. Being able to analyze traffic patterns and identify which user is doing what on the network goes a long way toward revealing intent.

For even clearer insight into user behavior on the network, consider adding behavior analytics. That way, you’ll not only see what is happening on the network through the network performance monitoring system, but you’ll also be able to view behavior patterns specific to users. For example, if a user deviates from their usual pattern on the network, that could indicate an inside threat, a phishing victim or another form of attack.

3. Controlling Software Issues

The days of knowing how many servers you have, where they are and what’s running on them are long gone. Without sophisticated monitoring, there’s no way to keep track of everything — much less identify what to fix when something goes wrong. But with monitoring you can detect issues like high or unusual application exceptions and errors so they can be resolved quickly through automation.

4. Preparing for Anything

Predictive analytics enable smart, advanced planning for your network. With this strategy you can predetermine the impact of new devices on your network. Your team can then take the appropriate action in advance to prevent network lags, fails and outages. Predictive analytics can also provide you a heads up on what hardware on your network is likely to break down soon, when a part is underperforming and other issues. This notification will allow you to intelligently plan repair and replacement cycles.

With the right network performance monitoring tools in place, you’ll have the control you need to run a tight IT ship.

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