Beyond BYOD: The Other Side of Mobility

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While bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and consumer-facing applications dominate most of the mobile mindshare, there is more to the mobility story. The other side of mobility involves providing access to mission-critical applications using mobile devices tailored to meet the demands of the user’s environment.

These core business solutions can be found across most industries, and without them, many businesses would be unable to sell, deliver and support the goods and services we use today. Consider how mobile solutions designed for the health care, transportation, retail and field service industries streamline business.

Health Care

  • Patient Safety: Ensure the right patient receives the right medication at the right time through mobile applications.
  • Staff Communications: Eliminate the need for overhead paging and frees staff from their desks.
  • Point of Care: Allow nurses timely access to the right information, while maximizing time with patients.


  • Warehouse and Inventory Management: Optimize the warehouse to ensure fast and accurate shipping, receiving and inventory.
  • Proof of Delivery: Capture customer signatures electronically to speed up the tracking and billing process.
  • Fleet Management: Ensure drivers take the most efficient route to optimize fuel usage and track vehicle maintenance.


  • Warehouse and Inventory Management: Enhance warehouse logistics.
  • Point of Sale: Provide employees with the ability to handle sales transactions without a fixed point-of-sale system.

Field Service

  • Inventory Management: Account for physical inventory with enhanced speed and accuracy through the use of bar codes and radio frequency identification.
  • Maintenance: Grant mobile access to work orders, instructions and schematics required to perform preventative and responsive maintenance requests.
  • Job Scheduling: Offer real-time access to schedules and tasks so technicians can stay in the field.

Moving Beyond BYOD May Require Specialized Devices

Many of these mission-critical mobile solutions require the user to work in difficult environments outside of the traditional, carpeted confines of the office. Often, these environments may not be suitable for the traditional consumer device and may require a more durable device designed specifically for your enterprise. Reasons for a specialized device include:

  • Presence of dust or dirt;
  • Extreme weather conditions;
  • Frequent data capture;
  • Multiple user operation;
  • Extended battery life;
  • Unforgiving surfaces;
  • Hands-free work.

While they may go unnoticed, there are thousands of vital mobile solutions across industries we rely on every day. Without these solutions supported by specialized, enterprise-designed mobile devices, many of the things we see, do and use every day wouldn’t be possible. Where have you seen the other side of mobility?

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