CA Technologies and IBM: Bringing cloud to the mainframe world

By: Steven Dickens


Organizations are increasingly looking to extend cloud-first strategies beyond the initial deployments in the distributed world to encompass core, mission-critical environments such as the mainframe. As our clients look to make this transition from a capital-expense to an operating-expense model, it’s ideal to have software they’re familiar with in order to support the transition and ensure rapid value from the project.

CA Technologies, the largest independent provider of mainframe software, is partnering with IBM Cloud Managed Services on the z Systems platform, also known as z Cloud. Together, CA and IBM will now deliver a compelling proposition for clients who want to extend the benefits of the cloud to the mainframe.

Hear what IBM’s VP of Systems Services Barry Becker had to say about the partnership of IBM and CA Technologies.

Winning with cloud on the mainframe

The partnership is focused on three core areas:

  • Compliance
  • Speed of Delivery
  • Cost Optimization

In terms of compliance, when moving mainframe workloads from an on-premises single-tenant environment to a public cloud, it’s critical that organizations understand where the data resides and who has access to it. IBM and CA have addressed this consideration with CA Data Content Discovery software, which helps clients find, classify and protect key data and thereby assists with the transition.

Second, speed of delivery continues to be increasingly important to clients as they implement strategies faster to realize return on investment within the first six to 12 months. This is quite a shift in the mainframe world. If the ROI is delayed or pushed out by a matter of years, the project could run into trouble making its way through the executive ranks for approval. Moving to the cloud is no different: Clients are looking for a rapid transition to value. Through this partnership, we can rapidly deploy workloads in the cloud to ensure project deadlines are met for our clients.

Finally, while a move to the cloud can improve flexibility, scalability and ultimately agility, cost optimization is what takes the project from a nice-to-have to a must-implement. The IBM–CA partnership supports the z Cloud proposition to drive cost optimization. It includes a joint approach to assist clients in both simplifying their cloud software portfolio and driving innovation. This flexible approach realizes real advantages for clients moving their CA rich mainframe environments to the z Cloud.

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