Combating the Pains of Growing Data Availability Requirements

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For the always-on business, a resiliency plan is essential. Not only should an organization’s applications and data be analyzed, but a plan should be in place to quickly recover them in the event of a failure. The premise of successful data availability is simple: Without a robust server recovery and data backup solution, minor disruptions can significantly affect overall business performance.

Are You Being Realistic About Data Availability?

Do you have tape libraries in your data center? They can hold petabytes of data, but think about how you’d retrieve real information from them. It’s not always wise to rely on vaulting data with the hope that when the time comes, you’ll be able to get those cartridges to the disaster recovery data center, retrieve the data assets and resume your operations.

Businesses operate in a 24/7/365 world where downtime is measured in minutes, not days. Loss of operational readiness threatens revenue and opportunities to find and retain customers. If enterprises have learned anything since the Internet Age, it’s that if they’re not continuously available, they might as well be out of business or ready for a competitor to acquire their customers.

Will Your Systems Always Be On?

Are you keeping pace with growing data availability demands and the need for your systems to always be on? Consider the following:

  • Can your disaster recovery site be out of region, or should it remain in town at another location?
  • How quickly can each tier of an application be returned to service?
  • Is your internal staff sufficient to run day-to-day operations, as well as develop, maintain and execute a disaster recovery plan?

Is Your Resiliency Plan Up-to-Date?

Additionally, have you considered reviewing and refreshing your resiliency plan? If not, you should, or you may find yourself standing on a loading dock as bins of tapes are being unloaded from your vault. The clock will surely be ticking, and management will be asking when the system will be back up. All the while, you’ll be silently praying all the tapes made it onto the truck.

As enterprises have evolved to address new risks in an always-on world, resiliency options have expanded to provide new, timely and cost-effective solutions to address this business standard. Data-availability-as-a-service virtually eliminates the need for tape or other backup data forms, as well as the associated risks of physical media movement and storage for disaster recovery purposes. For a digital transformation in your enterprise, redefine disaster recovery and turn your dark data into new business value.

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