Virtualization Technology Predictions for 2015: Hits and Misses

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Server virtualization has been part of the enterprise for more than a decade, but the topic has attracted far greater interest in recent years. IT managers are now seeking ways to lower costs and increase efficiency as a way of coping with the exponential growth of data.

Based on numerous predictions from last year, the server virtualization technology landscape was expected to see many changes in 2015, and vendors responded by rolling out new offerings to meet growing enterprise demand for virtualized data centers.

Here’s a look at some of the more popular predictions regarding server virtualization in 2015 and how things actually panned out.

There Will Be a Greater Focus on Virtualization Security

A larger emphasis on virtualization security definitely seems to have been the case in 2015 since many vendors rolled out security-related products for virtual storage.

For example, Arcserve launched a cloud service to go with its Unified Data Protection Appliance that includes end-to-end encryption for virtual, cloud or physical environments. And HyTrust updated its CloudControl appliance, adding functions to ensure deployments meet authentication and authorization requirements.

Converged Infrastructure Will Grow in Popularity

If the number of offerings from major virtualization technology players is any indication, this prediction for 2015 was an understatement. IBM and other vendors rolled out pre-integrated systems that combine hardware for data storage, computing processes and network functionality.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments Will Gain Traction

Last year was a big one for public clouds, but 2015 was viewed by many as the year in which hybrid clouds would increase in popularity as IT departments gained more tools for managing mixed environments. According to a Verizon Enterprise survey, about half of IT organizations in 2015 relied on a mix of private and public cloud deployments. This prediction seems to have been accurate.

VCE Will Be Fully Subsumed Within EMC

When EMC announced in October 2014 that it had acquired 90 percent of Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) from project partner Cisco Systems, some industry observers predicted EMC would do away with the VCE brand altogether. As of today, that hasn’t happened; EMC is touting VCE Converged Infrastructure Solutions on its website. Of course, exactly a year after EMC made its VCE announcement, the storage giant was purchased by Dell, so who knows what the future will hold for VCE and its Vblock brand.

Enterprises Embrace Mobile Virtualization Technology

Some industry players saw 2015 as the year mobile virtualization would take off. Offerings from IBM and other vendors over the past 15 months gave enterprises more options to virtualize their mobile deployments. The jury is probably still out on this prediction for 2015.

2015 was a big year for virtualization technology, and it should only continue to grow in importance and status as more developments are made. What do your enterprise and IT department predict for 2016?

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